Fushun City in Liaoning Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewFushun City in Liaoning Province in the east.Longitude 123 ° 39'-125 ° 28 ', north latitude and 41 ° 41'-42 ° 38'.Total area of 11,271 square kilometres.Total population of 2.25 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the new district ask Linjiang Road 21, Zip code: 113008.Administrative division code: 210400.Code: 0413.Pinyin: Fushun Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, four Shixia Fushun City area, one county, two autonomous counties.Fushun City area of 11,271 square kilometres, population 2.25 million (2004).Shun Chengqu area of 277 square kilometres, population 400,000.ZIP code 113006.District People's Government in the new Chengdong Lu on the 1st.Ask the new area of 30 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 113008.District People's Government in the Yingbin Street (South) on the 3rd.Tung Chau area of 192 square kilometres, population 350,000.ZIP code 113003.District People's Government in the ride even on the 2nd Street.Wang spent area of 214 square kilometres, population 370,000.ZIP code 113001.District People's Government in Dandong Road (western part) on the 3rd.Fushun County area of 2,350 square kilometres, population 190,000.ZIP code 113006.County People's Government in Fushun City, Metro Shuncheng Qu Road (middle), 20-3.New Bin Manchu Autonomous County of 4,287 square kilometres, population 310,000.ZIP code 113200.Bingham County People's Government in the new town.- The original Manchu Autonomous County of 3921 square kilometres, population 340,000.ZIP code 113300.- County People's Government in the original town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.Note: The 2004 Tung Chau, Fushun County, the regional change, were 226.8 square km and 2314.7 square km.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryWarring States period, the Yan-guo in Fushun County of Liaodong.Xuan Tu Han Dynasty set up the county, Zhisuo that in Fushun.Western Jin Dynasty period of the Koguryo Kingdom in Fushun Gore mountains built Metro.Early Tang Dynasty period have Anton are administered for the House seat of governance Dudu Fu.Liao, Jin, your Texas home rule in Fushun.Year 1384 (Hong-17 years) the construction of Fushun City, Fushun name here, its reference to "ask Sui border, with the derivative razed."Fushun's new Bin Manchu Autonomous County is the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, which is in ruins after the Hetuala the capital.After the founding of the People's Republic of Fushun for municipalities.1954 Liaodong, western Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province to the merger, to provincial cities of Fushun.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Fushun City 2260290 people.Of which: ask the new district 303,579 people, 345,778 East Chau, Mong District spent 387,473 people, Shuncheng Qu 397,617 people, 223,297 people in Fushun County, the new Bin 284,704 people, Qingyuan Xian 317,842 people.

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