Tibet Regional (Provinces) Satellite maps

Updated: February 9, 20062005 exemptions: a prefecture-level cities and six districts, a city area, a county-level cities, 71 counties.Lhasa Shixia a city area, seven Chengguan District, Zhou County (Gandan Qu fruit town) Dazi Xian (Deqing town) Nyêmo County (Tajikistan-town) Dangxiong Xian (when the song cards town) Qushui County (Qu Township)Mozhu the card counties (the card town) reactor Deqing County, Long (East Ga town)Nagqu area exempted 10 counties, Civil Administration in Nagqu County in Nagqu Prefecture (Nagqu town) Jiali County (Azha town) Xainza County (Xainza town) Pakistan Qingxian (Rasi town) Nierong counties (Nierong town)Nyima County (Nima town) such as the county (such as the town) claim the county (Yala town) Bangor County (Cape Town, Bao) more than the county (Pana town)Qamdo exempted 11 counties, regional Civil Administration in Qamdo County in Qamdo Prefecture (Chengguan town) Mangkang County (Gatuo town) Gongjue counties (Moro town) Basu County (white Mary town) Zuogong County (Wanda town )Banbar County (grass-card town) Luolong County (Zituo town) Jiang Daxian (Jiang of town) Lei Wuqi County (Santos town) Ding Qing County (Ding Qing town)Chaya County (the town of smoke and more)Shannan region exempted 12 counties and districts in Nedong County in Nedong County Civil Administration (Zedang town) Qiongjie County (Qiongjie town) measures in the United States (U.S. town of measures) to check the county (around the town) Gonggar County ( Jixiong town)Luozha County (Luozha town) Qusum County (Qusum town) Sangri county (Mulberry, town) Zhanang County (扎Town) fault that the county (the wrong town)Lhunze County (Lhunze town) Nagarze County (Nagarze town)Xigaze exempted a county-level cities, 17 counties and districts in Xigaze City Civil Administration in the County of Xigaze (Jiang Ga town) Saga Prefecture (Sakya town) Gyangze County (Gyangze town) Lazi County (Qu The town) Tingri County (Xegar town)Kangma County (Kangma town) Nyalam County (Nyalam town) Gyirong County (Zongga town) Yadong County (Sima town) thank-door county (the town of Kaga)Ngamring county (Kaga Township) Gamba County (Gamba town) Zhongba county (to pull Township) Saga Prefecture (Jia Jia town)-cloth County (Deji Town)Bainang County (Luojiang town) Southern forest counties (South forest town)Ali jurisdiction in seven counties and districts in the Civil Administration Gar county Gar county (Shiquanhe Town) Coqen county (Coqen town) Burang County (Champlain town) leather Jixian County (Ge'gyai town), county soil (on Soil town)Zanda County (Tuolin town) to the county (to the town)Nyingchi areas exempted seven counties, the Civil Administration in Bayi Town in Nyingchi County, Nyingchi Prefecture (Bayi Town) Motuo County (Motuo town) Long County (Long town) Mainling County (Mirim town) Zayü County (bamboo tile Gen-town)Bomi County (扎-town) Jiang Daxian the cloth (cloth Jiang of the town)Nyingchi County resident from the Nyingchi People's Government moved to the town of Bayi Town.(Ministry of Civil Affairs on October 9, 2005 letter approved by the [2005] 268)Referred to Tibet, Lhasa, the capital city.Area of over 1.2 million square kilometres, population 2.62 million (2002).

Tibet Regional geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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