The Republic of Guinea-Bissau (African countries) Satellite maps

Country name: Republic of Guinea-Bissau (The Republic of Guinea-Bissau)Independence Day: September 24 (1973)National Day: September 24 (1973)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 2:1.By the red, yellow, green, black four-color composition.Flagpole on the side of the red vertical rectangle, has a central black Wu Jiaoxing; flag of the right to equal two parallel horizontal rectangle, under yellow on the green.Red symbolizes the struggle for national independence and the blood of soldiers; yellow symbol of national wealth, success and the hope of the people; green symbol of agriculture; national symbol of black Wu Jiaoxing the ruling party - Guinea and the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde, but also symbolizes Africa Black people's dignity, freedom and peace.National Emblem: by Wu Jiaoxing, shellfish, and Shoudai Zonglv Ye composition.Wu Jiaoxing black flag with the symbolic significance, Zonglv Ye connect the shells of Guinea-Bissau is a symbol of endangered marine countries and rich marine resources.Shoudai with red on the Portuguese words "unity, fighting, and progress."National political figures: President Joao Bernardo Vieira (Joao Bernardo Vieira), 2005年7 he was elected.Physical Geography: area of over 36,000 square kilometers.In West Africa, including heat Chagos Islands and other islands.Part of the mainland north of Senegal, East, Nanlin Guinea, the west by the Atlantic Ocean, about 300 km of coastline.In addition to the southeast corner more hilly, other areas are below 100 meters above sea level on the plain.Vertical and horizontal in the rivers, lakes large.Kelubaer main rivers in southwest into the river from the north-east Atlantic, more water, rich shipping.An ocean of tropical monsoon climate.Population: 1.59 million (2005).There are 13 tribes, ethnic Balan Te, for Lubei race, ethnic and Manding Jia Family Man Yake of the national population of 80 percent.National General Creole.The official language is Portuguese.63% of people believe in fetishism, 36 percent of them Muslim, and the rest were Catholics.Capital: Bissau (Bissau), population 397,000 (2004).Average temperature 27 ℃.A brief history: 1446, the Portuguese landed in Guinea-Bissau, established the first trading posts.Portugal 17-18 century slave trade to become a major regional, in the Cape Verde Portuguese rule.1951 Portugal to Guinea-Bissau to "overseas provinces."1956 Guinea and Cape Verde in Africa to set up an independent party, the party led by the guerrillas, the National Liberation two-thirds of the land.September 24, 1973 Republic of Guinea-Bissau was established in the liberated areas and promulgate the constitution.Luis Cabral of the heads of state, State Council President.Portugal the following year in September to be recognized.Cabral was overthrown in 1980, Vieira as Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee.Politics: July 7, 1999 the National Assembly by a two-thirds majority adopted a new constitution.This is Guinea-Bissau since 1974 through the second part of the Constitution.Under the new Constitution, the President of the Republic, Speaker of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister and President of the Supreme Court and armed forces chief of staff, and other important national positions must be pure blood of the people of Guinea-Bissau.President's term of five years, renewable only once.Diplomacy: pursuing imperialism, colonialism, the non-aligned and independent foreign policy, safeguarding national sovereignty and opposing external threats, while the foreign military bases on its territory to establish and safeguard African unity, development with African countries, particularly with Portuguese-speaking countries Relations and actively participate in regional economic cooperation, and advocates the establishment of new international economic order.March 15, 1974 to establish diplomatic relations with China.Relations with China: March 15, 1974, the two countries established diplomatic relations.May 26, 1990, compared with Taiwan several so-called "diplomatic relations", the same year on May 31, China announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with Guinea-Bissau.April 23, 1998, Guinea-Bissau and China resumed diplomatic relations.Reproduced:

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