Zhuzhou City in Hunan Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewZhuzhou City of Hunan Province in the east, the geographical coordinates for longitude 112.6 ° -114 °, latitude 26 ° -28 °.Total area of 11,262 square kilometres.Total population of 3.72 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Tianyuan district, Zip code: 412000.Administrative division code: 430200.Code: 0733.Pinyin: Zhuzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, four Shixia Zhuzhou City area, four counties, hosted a county-level city, the city's total of 24 streets and 66 towns and 46 townships, and a nationality townships.Zhuzhou City area of 11,262 square kilometres, population 3.72 million (2003).Tianyuan area of 150 square kilometres, population 120,000.ZIP code 412000.District People's Government in the Yellow River Road.He Tangqu area of 152 square kilometres, population 220,000.ZIP code 412000.District People's Government in the Xinhua Road.Lu Song area of 67 square kilometres, population 190,000.ZIP code 412000.Lu Song District People's Government in the road.Dan Fengqu area of 166 square kilometres, population 250,000.ZIP code 412005.District People's Government in the construction of North Road.Liling City area of 2157 square kilometres, population 1 million.ZIP code 412200.Municipal People's Government in the street to the goal.Zhuzhou County area of 1381 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 412100.County People's Government in the Town of Lu.You County area of 2651 square kilometres, population 750,000.ZIP code 412300.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Chaling county area of 2507 square kilometres, population 570,000.ZIP code 412400.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Yanling Xian area of 2031 square kilometres, population 180,000.ZIP code 412500.County People's Government in Xia Yang Zhen.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryZhuzhou, Gu Chen Jianning, also known as Castanopsis state.In 214 AD, the three countries in this set of Soochow Jianning County.Tang first year of Zhenguan, Jianning into the Xiangtan.The old days, the local multi-Castanopsis tree, and the Xiangjiang River more than a sandbar, the Zhuzhou Castanopsis also known as Chau.Southern Song Shaoxi to the first year (1190 AD) formally known as the Zhuzhou.August 3, 1949, declared the liberation of Zhuzhou.Xiangtan County, under the Zhuzhou, exempted rural Zhuzhou, lotus roots Lingxiang.August 19, the establishment of the party and government organs in Zhuzhou District, Zhuzhou Qu Gongsuo, Zhuzhou Township People's Government in the win over Ridge.Zhuzhou District jurisdiction Zhuzhou Town area of about a half square kilometres, population 7,264 people.January 1950, Zhuzhou first district to district.In mid-June 1950, under the Zhuzhou Town of Xiangtan (district).Zhuzhou town exempted 1-4 Street neighborhood committees and rural Tin Sum Duan, Dong Duan Township, the first stone Township, Town Hall in Zhuzhou Jiaci Tang Yin (this Lusong District regional party committee and government seat).March 1951, Zhuzhou Town Hall changed its name to the town of Xiangtan County, Zhuzhou People's Government.1951 from Xiangtan County, home Analysis of Zhuzhou City, an area of Changsha.March 30, the District of Changsha in Hunan Province People's Government and the Office of submissions from China and South Africa military and the provincial government, proposed to the town of Xiangtan County, located in Zhuzhou city, asked the city for the main reason is: "the densely populated town of Zhuzhou, convenient transportation, Yuehan , Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Xiangqian (now the car-Xiangtan), the railway junction, the industrial areas of Hunan promising future development. Town area of 36 square kilometres, population 45,914 people…… under development trends, plans for City And will be assigned to the outskirts of the town close to the urban area from 36 square kilometers to 48 square km and the population from 45,914 to 100,000 people, three from rural to 25. "May 7, 1951 China-South Africa Commission Juwen military and political approval of Hunan Province and report to the Central People's Government agreed to the establishment of Zhuzhou City.June 11, Jun Zhengwei and South Africa set out in Hubei, Hunan, two provincial government: "to Cabinet on June 6, 1951 G-line 149th word of approval: May 8, 1951 (51) will do the first word in 1917 , The report noted. Hubei Province proposed by Yangyang, Fan Cheng as a small, and other cities, said in Xiangfan City, Hunan Province to set the small town of Zhuzhou city, and so on, leading the agency from Changsha, the nuclear agreement, the granting of the record……. "( Note: Group D, and so on the basis of population) June 29, Changsha District Office of the decision announced the establishment of Zhuzhou City People's Government, since July 1 from the foreign office official.In fact to July 17 before foreign office.Zhuzhou City People's Government in the Jiaci Tang Yin (this Lusong District regional party committee and government seat).August 20, 1951, located in Zhuzhou City Street, located in Zhuzhou City suburb, established suburbs Qugong Suo, 11 township jurisdiction.January 14, 1952, Zhuzhou City People's Government to the Home Office report said the provincial government, municipal boundaries in accordance with the Cabinet, the South China Xiangtan district, Hawthorn, 100 wells, white customs, Lung, Daikyo, the bridges of peace 7 rural and Xiangtan consultations will be included in the lotus five villages in Zhuzhou City.Zhuzhou City in 1953 to provincial cities.In March, according to the Office of the District of Xiangtan February 20, 1953 notice, Zhuzhou City suburbs into the outskirts of the Eastern Zhuzhou, the outskirts of the North Zhuzhou, a total of 32 rural jurisdiction.June 5, Chairman of the Hunan Provincial People's Government issued by the provincial government to Cheng Qian, Zhuzhou City authorized Xiangtan agency leadership.February 22, 1955, approved by the CPC Zhuzhou City CPC Committee, Zhuzhou Eastern suburbs, the outskirts of the North Zhuzhou into the outskirts of the city of Zhuzhou, the establishment of Zhuzhou City suburb Qugong Suo, 22 township jurisdiction.March 23, 1956, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee issued a circular, the provincial party committee decided: Zhuzhou City Party Committee from the direct leadership of the provincial party committee, hopes that all relevant departments for the handover procedures.April 9, Hunan Province People's Committee issued a notice: "now decided to Zhuzhou City People's Committee to which I will direct leadership. This will be the building of the premises, labor, health, commercial branches, both to the. Greek referred to the relevant The respective departments for the handover procedures. "June 14, revocation of Zhuzhou City suburb Qu Gongsuo, the establishment of the Office of Zhuzhou City suburb, five large rural jurisdiction.September 5, 1958, the township level revoke build, Zhuzhou City suburb district five big merger of the rural people's communes in Zhuzhou City suburbs.June 26, 1959, the Hunan Provincial People's Committee for the first 335 of document approval, revocation of Zhuzhou City in 1955 and 1958 established the Office of the five streets, set up centres, Qingshui Tang, Hawthorn shop, Tin Sam, Dong Duan, such as five-district People's Committee; revocation suburban offices, set up in Zhuzhou City People's Committee of the suburbs.July 23, 1960, the Zhuzhou City People's Committee approved the establishment of centres, Qingshui Tang, Hawthorn shop, Tin Sam, Dong Duan, and other five cities the people's communes, respectively, with the Centre, Qingshui Tang, Hawthorn shop, Tin Sam, Dong Duan, such as five-district People's Committee合署办公, two brands, a set of men.37 district neighborhood, the residents group 682, 20 farms, the production team 205, for a total population of 186,468 people, with a total area of 150 square kilometres.April 1963, removed the outskirts of Zhuzhou City People's Committee, by the Zhuzhou City of Agriculture and Forestry Office of the direct leadership of the rural water district, the community.April 30, 1965, 155 of the State Council plenary meeting decided to set up in Zhuzhou County.Zhuzhou City to the region as part of the administrative regions in Zhuzhou County.Zhuzhou County, the county built, the county is divided into Lukou, Gantian, Zhu Ting, three, white customs, the ancient Yue-feng, a Shi Lei, leading shop eight areas and Lu Town (directly under the town), a total of 27 exemptions Corporation, four Jian Zhizhen, four of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, Chachang.Total population of 367,932 people.Zhuzhou County from Zhuzhou city leaders, in Lu Town.January 18, 1966, the State Council (66) that the word on the 3rd, approved the establishment of the outskirts of Zhuzhou City (county level), agriculture, forestry, water Zhuzhou City will direct the Office of the lotus, Quchi two communes and Qingshui Tang, Tin Sam, Hawthorn shop, the center, Dong Duan five farms, as well as by agricultural, horticultural field, fruit market gardening, livestock farms, gooseneck Island fisheries, aquaculture outskirts of the test site was placed under management.January 20, 1970, the State Council (发文53 of the document) agreed with the Zhuzhou City administrative division adjustment programmes, the revocation of Zhuzhou City Centre, Qingshui Tang, Dong Duan, Tin Sam, He Tangqu five areas.July 8, according to the State Council approved 53 documents, set up in Zhuzhou City in Zhuzhou City, Eastern (county), Zhuzhou Nam (county), North Zhuzhou City (county level).Eastern region of 7.9 million people, under the Tin Sam, Cigu Tong, Tong and Song on the bridge four neighborhood offices; Southern region 7.1 million people, under the Dong Duan, Dongfeng (November 29, 1972 changed its name to Jianning) and the construction of three neighborhood offices; North region 7.5 million people, under the Qingshui Tang, horn Shiling Whitehead and Hong Kong (December 30, 1975 changed its name to He Jiali LDC) three neighborhood offices.Tin Sam, Jianning five areas of the vegetable farms, the population of 57,111 people, the establishment of clean water, Hawthorn shop, Jianning the people's commune, three from the outskirts of the people's commune jurisdiction.March 1, 1983, approved by the State Council, Zhuzhou City市管县体制implemented, the original Xiangtan You County, Chaling county, Liling County, Ling County was placed under the jurisdiction of Zhuzhou City, the area of expansion to 11278.77 square kilometres Population of 3081200 people.April 19, 1984, according to the Hunan Provincial People's Government of Hunan Province adjustment of the State Council, the regional boundaries of cities and counties part of the notice, a leading shop in Zhuzhou County, Zhao Ming, butterflies screen, cloud-white four communes and the Commissioner checkpoints, Hsinchuang, Tin Road, Shiroi, Luo Tong, Wu Lidun group of six to the outskirts of jurisdiction.Total 265 square kilometres of land, 71,390 people.1985, removed Liling County, the establishment of Liling City (county level) to the original Liling County, the administrative region in Liling City, for the administrative region.1990 Shixia five counties and cities of Zhuzhou, 4, the total population reached 3495714, a total area of 11,420 square kilometres.1994, changed its name to Ling Yan Lingxian County.May 31, 1997, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1997] No. 40): (1) Zhuzhou County, the group Fengzhen and horse-he Xiang included in Zhuzhou City.(2) revocation of Zhuzhou City of the Eastern, Southern, North, rural areas, adjust the establishment He Tangqu, Lu Song, Dan Fengqu, Tianyuan District.He Tangqu: exempted from the former Eastern Tong, Cigu Tong, Song Bridge three streets, as the original suburbs, Hawthorn shop (excluding Xinmin, Tin Sam, Shuang-feng three villages), the Butterfly Screen three leading rural and Puzhen the Tea Garden, east, the three bypass three villages.District People's Government in the Xinhua Road.Lu Song District: jurisdiction of the Southern District of construction, Jianning, Dong Duan and the former North He Jiali soil four streets, the suburb of Quchi, Jianning, Wu Lidun three townships.Lu Song District People's Government in the road.Dan Fengqu: the original jurisdiction of the ring for North Shiling, the Qingshui Tang and the former Eastern Tin Sum three streets, the outskirts of the leading Puzhen (excluding the Tea Garden, east, the three bypass three villages) and water, cloud - , Lotus three rural and Hawthorn Puxiang the Xinmin, Tin Sam, Shuang-feng three villages.District People's Government in the construction of North Road.Tianyuan District: Zhuzhou County, the original jurisdiction of the group Fengzhen, Ma suburban home he Xiang and the original field of horticulture.District People's Government in the Yellow River Road.July 1997, approved the Hunan Provincial People's Government agreed to adjust the Zhuzhou City area administrative divisions: (1) Tianyuan District: East, North to the Xiangjiang River for the sector, the group Fengzhen and South to fight Shek Lei town boundaries for the sector, to the West Zhuzhou and Xiangtan city boundaries for the sector.(2) Lusong District: South East to the suburbs and Zhuzhou County line for the sector, the Xiangjiang River to the West for the sector, the North Whitehead to Hong Kong for the River (the old River), Jing-Guang Railroad (west of line) and Zhao Jian Ming Line and Ningxiang Boundaries for the sector.(3) He Tangqu: East and Zhuzhou City in Changsha City, the suburbs and Zhuzhou County line for the sector, as the rural South to the boundary of Ningxiang and construction sector for the West to Jing-Guang Railroad (west of line) and the Whitehead River (the old River), for the sector, the rural North to butterflies and clouds screen Tianxiang boundaries for the sector.(4) Dan Fengqu: Whitehead to the East River (the old River) for the sector, the South for the sector to the Xiangjiang River, north to Zhuzhou City and provincial and municipal boundaries for the sector, the West to Zhuzhou and Xiangtan city boundaries for the sector.(5) after adjustment of the administrative division Shixia zoning from August 1, 1997 come into effect.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Zhuzhou City 3581820; He Tangqu 260,835 Lusong District 226,162 Dan Fengqu 272,258 Tianyuan District 120,741 Zhuzhou County 429723 You County 679,839 Chaling County 493,059 Yanling Xian 164,807 in Liling City, 934,396 (By then the division; units:)

Zhuzhou City in Hunan Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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